The SuperDope Planner is a dream come true! After years of organizing everything in sight, sometimes driving my family crazy I finally realized how to channel all of that energy.  We're excited to offer the SuperDope Planner to help you organize, prioritize and make time for things in your life that matter most. 

My guys mean the world to me! They are my favorite people and I simply love, love, love spending time with them. Did I say love? 

Living A dream

2019 July-December

SuperDope Planner $26

Hello! I'm Tasha Johnson, creative master and owner of The SuperDope Planner, the newest and most fantastic planner to hit the organization scene purposefully pushing you to do more and be better.

I was born and raised mostly in the Volunteer state. I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Elementary Education and have always been inspired by organization and order. Categorizing things like clothing, dishes, books, ideas, plans, and even my thoughts come easy to me and make life so much more fun. My organizational bend has always been the influence for what would come next. I've discovered this emerging passion complements just about every area of my life. I have always lived my life in an organized way making notes with random and miscellaneous charts and grid papers I found for free online, and eventually taking them to be bound then going to town in those planners by jotting my ideas and goals with my best pencil...(I love a good pencil)!  None of those early planners had a name. In 2012, I created the initial "superdope planner" to organize my life. Then in 2016, after oodles of requests, I launched the official SuperDope Planner with the purpose of inspiring you to organize and prioritize to make time for things in life that matter most.  I identify with being focused, a driver and a self-proclaimed multi-tasking MomExtraordinaire. But I also love to give, laugh and have boat loads of fun.

I'm passionate about living a stress-free, fun-filled life with those I love and believe having an organized plan is the way to do that. I'm good at organizing, planning, and helping others. 

In between being superdope, creating more planners and working a regular part-time job, I enjoy hanging out at home, drinking coffee, watching the Atlanta Falcons football and Hawks basketball games, staying connected with my hometown *village*, baking in my kitchen, and being super close to my little family. ​

Meet the Orignal SuperDope Planner ...

Jet SuperDope Planner


 Wife. Multi-Tasking Mom Extraordinaire. Organizer. SuperDope Planner. God Chaser. Forward Thinker. Coffee Lover. Paparazzo.


​​The SuperDope Planner     a planner by tasha johnson