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   "organize and prioritize to make time for things in life that matter most"  ~ TASHA JOHNSON

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The SuperDope Planner Story

 It is with a grateful heart that I welcome you to As a young girl, we moved a lot. It was hard to find my stuff because we had no permanency, whatsoever! One day, my mom, sister, and I were visiting family friends. Their teenage daughter dropped a glass of milk on the floor. The glass shattered. I watched as she went into the pantry, got the broom, dustpan, and mop to clean her mess. I remember thinking, “I can’t wait for our stuff to have a place.” At 10 years old, my organizational bend and desire for order was made clear.

Fast forward several years...

I couldn’t find a planner that truly met my needs, so in 2012 (I thought it was 2010...whew, I'm old...ha!), I created my own. After dozens of requests for my planner, I realized it may be a “thing.” Then in 2014 we moved to Atlanta. I have always wanted to live in the ATL but once arriving I realized it was more than a notion...learning my way around, making new friends, choosing new doctors, and so much more. I became depressed but through that really rough patch I remembered a word God gave me to create and help others. After a very fierce conversation with a friend, I jumped and took the needed leap of faith. It has taken me four years to commit to creating another planner and            . Be sure to check out all of the planner’s cute and meaningful features, including monthly scripture inspiration, a dinner idea for each day (all you have to do is get the recipe and cook), and a place to plan your social media posts. All that and more is just our way of helping you stay on track! The work of the SuperDope Planner is very meaningful to me. I hope you can see and feel it throughout the pages.

​Thank you for taking time to visit The SuperDope Planner. I love hosting you and hope you might even browse the entire website and do a bit of shopping! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or comments at We appreciate you guys. Take care!